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Our Story

Greetings! My name is Stacey and I created the independent zine 'Unknowing Australia' in 2022.

I have been interested in peculiar locations, ghost hunting and dark tourism for many years now. I recently began writing about my personal experiences, and that evolved into the decision to develop my own publication. There are many infamously haunted locations in the US and Europe, and I felt the need to highlight the equally interesting – but less publicised – locations and mythology of Australia.


With a background in graphic design, I was able to create the zine absolutely independently. Fortunately, I now receive submissions from writers across the world, who help me create engaging content for each issue. You can find out more about our regular contributors below.

I've been pleased to find out from readers that they have been waiting for a publication just like this, and I appreciate our regular, loyal readers!


Stacey Ryall

Stacey Ryall is a writer and artist from Melbourne, Australia. She is the creator of 'Unknowing' zine, and her work has also been featured in Haunted Magazine (UK), Strange Days (US), The Feminine Macabre (US), Myth & Lore (UK), Dark Village (US) and Short & Twisted (AU).


She has a Bachelor of Creative Arts and a Diploma of Professional Writing & Editing, and has studied parapsychology at Rhine Research Center.

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Suzanne Boleyn

Suzanne has degrees in visual art and photography. She is the writer and co-host of Laudanum & Lace Podcast and has made guest appearances on other podcasts including Indicator Cast and Imprint Cast talking about film history.


Suzanne loves horror movies, history and second-hand book stores.

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Doron Elias

Doron Elias is from Melbourne, Australia and has a great interest in all things paranormal. He enjoys spending time out in the field and believes that knowledge, common sense and a healthy dose of scepticism are key attributes for a successful investigation.


Doron is passionate about writing and has had several fictional stories as well as articles based on his investigative experiences published in American Paranormal,, Heebie Jeebie and Unknowing.

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Michelle Fisher

Michelle Fisher is a teacher living in Oxfordshire in England. With a lifelong passion and interest in the paranormal Michelle created Haunted History Chronicles Podcast in October 2020 to combine and share some of her passions and connect with other like minded individuals. Michelle has been featured in American Paranormal Magazine, Unknowing, Haunted Magazine, A View Beyond, the Mortiferous Muse Zine, High Strange, Ghost Mag, Myth and Lore Zine, Morbid Curious as well as in Volume III of The Feminine Macabre. On the Haunted History Chronicles website you can find a community of writings from different individuals as well as access to the podcast. You can also find additional content such as research, writing, bonus podcasts and more on Patreon.

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Michael Francis

Things began to go wrong for Michael Francis at an early age after he discovered Leonard Nimoy’s In Search Of…. and the 1970s Gods from Outer Space comics. He continues to be captivated by the weird, spooky and unexplained. He is a regular contributor to a variety of zines including the Atomic Elbow, Unknowing Australia, Ghost Watch and Weird Heroes of Public Access. He is also the author of Glam Metal Monster Hunter, a zine based TTRPG about 80s Hair Bands battling the Forces of the Night.

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